Last night before setting my alarm, I had a plan in place. 

1. Quiet Time

2. Breakfast

3. Gym…

4. …and then get dressed and be on time for work. 

This morning, my alarm sounded at 4:15. I wanted to press the snooze button, but I didn’t. I jumped up and proceeded with my plan..

When I finished PMS (Prayer, Mediation & Study), I “Herbalifed”, dressed, and left for the gym in my complex. [I promised myself I’d be more disciplined with working out when the school year starts.] Anyway, when I arrived at the gym, my gate pass would not allow me to gain entry. Usually, when I swipe it, it turns green. This morning, it kept giving me the “red signal.” I did it a couple more times. Still, no luck. 

“Ugh,” I thought. “I really wanted to work out.” …and I’ll admit, that made me feel some type of way. I wanted everything to go according to MY plan. 

As I drove back to my apartment, two words dropped in my spirit. 

“Be flexible.”

Initially, I did not pick up on it. 

The Holy Spirit spoke again. “Be Flexible.”…but this time, with clarity.

When I walked in my apartment, I grabbed my iPad, opened the You Tube app and searched for Leslie Sansone and proceeded with my work out…and that workout was better than any workout I had ever done at the gym. (Catch THAT!)

There’s so much revelation in this. 
My point? 

Too often, we get so fixated on our plan for our lives…and then when something does not  go as we planned, we get so frustrated and we give up. Then, we start to feel sorry for ourselves…and then, we start throwing a pity party…and then, we start complaining…and then, we become ungrateful…and then, we become envious of those who we feel plans have worked or are working…and then, we become mad at the world…and then,…on and on and on and on.

You see the cycle? 

This is much deeper than my workout plan failing. I don’t know who this is for, but God is telling me to tell you to “Be Flexible.” Things may not have gone according to YOUR plan, but things are going according His plan. His plan is always in place, always prevails, and if you’d trust Him, it’ll be much better than any plan you’ve could have ever constructed on your own. (Did you catch that?) 

Be flexible! Get up and get back in the race, and Trust where He is leading you! He has a plan for your life. 


“…but I love it, God.”

During my quiet time this morning, the message this image depicts dropped in my spirit.
We are afraid to release that and who we know are not for us because our little to no faith does not allow us to believe that God has more for us… we hold on to those people and things…because in our minds, we’d rather have something, even if it doesn’t amount to anything…because it’s better than having nothing at all right?
So as I was saying…we hold on…to that man or woman when God has clearly shown us that he/she is not for us…to those random text and call buddies that you only text and call when you’re bored and being attacked with the spirit of loneliness because you don’t believe there’s a woman or man out there that God has prepared JUST FOR YOU…or to that job that doesn’t bring fulfillment because you do not really believe that God can blow your mind and bless you to work where your passion lies….so as I was saying…we hold on…

…like the little girl in this picture….because we THINK we love what we have, but truthfully….
….some of us are so unhappy and we’re praying for God to do something NEW, but how can He when you refuse to release the old? 
Oh, wait. I get it….we want God to show us the NEW before we release the old?….but nooooooo, He doesn’t work that way. He wants us to trust Him. He wants us to operate in FAITH…and He says all we need is FAITH the size of a mustard seed…that’s it. That’s the size of the tip on a ball point pen. That’s it!
So, go ahead and release it; God wants to do something new. 

“Just Trust Me.”- God 
Lord, I thank you for not only using me to minister to others, but using me to minister to me. #SpeakLord #LordIHearYou

“I got you.” -God

Okay, so I’m in line getting ready to pay for brunch, $35 + tax. My face was buried in my Facebook app posting my usual statuses. 
*Before I continue, let me give you some background information.*

This morning after I finished my quiet time with God, I paid tithes, rent, and two other bills. Then I logged into my Regions app; I had an unexpected expense to post on Friday that was not supposed to clear until the end of the month.

Immediately I thought, “Ugh. There goes my extra money“, but the Holy Spirit redirected my thought. 

“Give thanks,” says the Holy Spirit. 

Truthfully, my flesh didn’t want to, but I was obedient.

So, I thanked God for that unexpected expense. 

In the midst of me praising and thanking God, the enemy still tried to interfere. 

Why do you pay tithes?” I immediately shut that thought down and continued praising God. 

Then, Matthew 6:25-26 dropped in my spirit. 

““That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?”

Now back to me standing in line…

As I was saying, I was getting ready to pay for brunch, not looking around or anything. Just slightly moving up as the line slightly moved…posting statuses. 

A lady walks up to me, “Excuse Ma’am. Can I pay for your brunch?” It caught me by surprise and she must’ve noticed the puzzled looked on my face…so she asked again, “Can I? Nothing fishy. Just let me pay.” 

I responded, “Sure.” She paid, I thanked her, and we went our separate ways. 

My point? This may be minor to some, but it’s major to me. That was God’s way of saying, “I got you” and confirming the verses that dropped in my spirit while I was praising Him.

Listen, refuse to be controlled by your finances. God has you. Money is limited and can only do so much. God is limitless and can do ALL things! Trust Him!!!!


Yesterday, I went to my usual Tuesday spot- Joe’s Crab Shack. I walked in and sat at my usual booth and prepared to order my usual entree- The Orleans Pot. It comes with crawfish, sausage, shrimp, corn, and potatoes. 
I looked through the menu. My eyes and tastebuds connected with The Rajun Cajun Steampot. It comes with the same as The Orleans Pot but instead of crawfish, it has crab legs. I thought, “Man I want crab legs, but I don’t feel like wrestling with the breaking, cracking, and getting messy and dirty.”

….and the crazy part is, I don’t really care for Joe’s crawfish because it is not as seasoned as the crawfish you may get from the guy on side of the road. I just get them because they’re easier to eat. Not as much cracking and breaking like the crab legs, and I don’t get as dirty and messy. So, long story short, I SETTLE for crawfish. 

So I sat there, going back and forth in my mind. The sweetness of the crab leg’s meat weighed heavenly on my mind….but it’s just too much work….in a restaurant anyway. I’d rather be at home when I eat crab legs.

You can’t be all pretty eating those. Lol

When my waiter came, I said, “Uhhhhhh let me get the Rajun Cajun.” He said, “No Orleans today?” I replied, “Nope, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.”

We both laughed. 

There’s a revelation in that. 

How often do we settle for what’s easy because what we really want requires too much work? We’d rather stay with that, that we are comfortable with although it’s not satisfying. I’ve been going to Joe’s consistently for over a year now, wanting to order the steampot with crab legs. At one point I didn’t know how to crack them and even after I learned, it took too much to get to THE MEAT.

Listen, don’t give up on YOUR MEAT- your dreams, goals, and visions- because it requires a lot “breaking, cracking, and calls for you to get messy and dirty”…and requires you to step out of your comfort zone. You may endure sleepless nights , you may have to make many sacrifices, you may have to go alone, and you may feel drained and tired most times, BUT don’t give up or settle for what doesn’t satisfy you. Go get the MEAT God has told you, you can have. 

Faith without works is just like saying, “I believe you, God, but I’m not willing to put in the work to get it.”

Roll up your sleeves, come out of your comfort zone, and work!

So, you want Big Breasts? Okay….Done! 

Now, you all know I’m transparent. This is actually funny…but please read with an open mind and receive the message. 
I remember when I was 7th and 8th grade, I wanted big breasts…..mainly because my best friend had them. (Catch that.) So I started putting tissue in my bra. That continued until my freshmen year in college….when my breast started getting full and becoming what I THOUGHT they should be. 

I enjoyed them, but eventually, I had to get a breast reduction (requested by me to my doctor) in November of 2012. 

Wait a minute?

So I begged for big breasts, I got them, and then requested to have surgery to go back to small breasts? Crazy right?? Very!!!

God will give us the things we think we want just to show us that it’s not what we need. I wanted big breasts. I got them, but they came along with pains I couldn’t bear- back problems, shirts that wouldn’t button, unwanted attention, etc. 
Now, let’s go back. I told you all I wanted big breasts….mainly because my best friend had them. See, we want “stuff” because we see other folks with it, but we don’t see the pains, the sacrifices, the tears, the blood, the sweat, and the time they’ve put in. 
We see their GLORY, but we don’t know their story. 
Now, this is much deeper than breasts. Don’t miss the message being carnal- minded. My whole point is- Be content with who you are, where you are, and what you have. Although your RIGHT NOW may not be all that you’ve hoped for, but it’s yours. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you wished you had, focus on growing in God. True contentment and fulfillment isn’t found in “stuff” or people. It’s found in Jesus. Until you can be content…in whatever state you’re in…you’ll always feel like you need more…or even less…to be happy.

The Word even supports this. 

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:11-12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

What are you begging God for? What is it that you want that you’ve convinced yourself that you need? Are you really open to God’s desires for your life or just your own?



Cabinets and Drawers

I’ve been awake since about 3:50 this morning praying and spending time in God’s presence. When I finished, I started cleaning and organizing the “stuff” in my cabinets and drawers. As I was cleaning and organizing, I realized that a lot of the contents in my drawers and cabinets were not being used, had expired, had collected dust, out of place, or just simply taking up space- CLUTTER! It’s easy to end up with a whole lot of nothing when it’s out of our sight- kept away in drawers and cabinets. (Catch that.)There was even something under my cabinet in my bathroom that I had when I first moved to Belzoni, 5+years ago. I’m in Memphis now. I’ve carried it to three new places. Shame on me. Lol 
As I started throwing stuff away, the HOLY SPIRIT reminded me how important is it to be conscious of what we keep in our hearts and minds as well. See, people can’t see our hearts and mind, so we can easily pick and choose what we want others to see. We dress things up, store away the things we don’t want others to see or things we don’t want to deal with at the moment, and display the “pretty picture.”…but see, what happens is we end up with a lot of clutter that soon pollutes so many other areas of our lives. That clutter can also prevent God from moving in our lives and doing something new. 

Today, take a moment to get quiet before God and pay attention to what is happening in your heart and in your mind. Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Do you need healing? What do you need deliverance from? Do you need to release something or even someone? What kind of thoughts are you thinking? 

Clean out “YOUR” cabinets and drawers. Protect your “space” and make sure the contents there are God-approved and not expired, “dusty”, out of order, or simply taking up unnecessary space. ❤️


Don’t be late for “WORK.”

(This is a quick-read but definitely worth posting.)

Transparent Moment

Last week, I was called in by one of our administrators to address my tardies. (I work and exceed expectations when I get there, but I may be a little late. Ask my past administrator, Kathleen Turner. Lol However, that doesn’t make it right. I have to get to work on time.) Anyway, as I was saying, I was called in. He said that, that was my warning. If I don’t improve, the next step would be being sent to Labor Relations, and then if that doesn’t solve the problem, the next step can be termination.

Listen! Termination was all I needed to hear. Every day since, I’ve been on time. Not only have I been on time, I have been here 10 to 15 minutes before time. 

As I was en route to work this morning, something dropped in my spirit. 

The Holy Spirit “calls” us in to convict and to correct us, just as my administrator did. The Bible assures us that if we don’t live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God, we will face something much worse than a termination- we will face HELL.

…but what do we do when we are “called in” by The Holy Spirit? Do we do all that we can to get it right just as I have after being called in by my boss? Or do we keep ignoring God’s instructions and living under the “God is a forgiving God and He knows my heart” excuse? 

Listen, although we should be quick to respond when those who are in authority corrects us (that’s scripture, so stop getting mad at your boos. lol >Hebrews 13:17<) however, we should be even quicker to respond when the Holy Spirit convicts and corrects.

Hell is real…and the rise of unexpected deaths should be all that you need to know that we don’t have the time that Satan wants us to think we have.

Submit and Surrender to Christ NOW. Don’t be late for “work.”



You have to trust God…with every facet of your life.(It’s a long read, but it’s worth it. I pray it blesses you.) 

I’ve testified on several occasions how I resigned from a job in 2014 without a plan B and with very few dollars in my savings. All I knew was I was unhappy and miserable where I was…and I don’t believe in staying anywhere that robs you of your peace- jobs, relationships, friendships, situationships, associateships,….wherever! You have to protect your peace by any means necessary.

So, I resigned. I was unemployed for almost 4 months. Within those four months, I learned how to trust God like never before. During that time, His specific instructions to me were, “Be still and trust that I am God. I will place you where I want you. I have already gone before you and made the way. In this place, you’ll have the peace you’re longing for.”

After that first month of being unemployed and an almost depleted savings account, I started trying to put God on a time schedule. See, I wanted him to move when I wanted him to move. So, I started trying to help God out. I started applying for jobs and making calls…when He had already told me to “Be still and trust that I am God…”

Because I was applying for jobs and making calls, I received offers. I even accepted one offer as a 7th grade ELA teacher. I worked one day and left…because I knew that’s not where God wanted me.

Almost two months later, being down to almost $20.00, and trusting God completely this time, I received an offer that I had been wanting that had JUST become available. (A employee was “let go” for inappropriate work place behavior.) CATCH THAT! See, when something is for you, God will start “moving” some things and even people around just for you.

…and since I’ve been at this job, it has been a plethora of peace. Yes, there have been challenges, but at the end of each day, the good outweighs the bad, tremendously. When I leave work, I can leave work….and my coworkers understand that we don’t have to be best friends to be coworkers and teammates; we work, we speak, and keep it moving.

I have, however, developed one of the greatest friendships I’ve had since I’ve been at my job. We keep one another balanced- when I’m down, she’s up; when she’s down, I’m up- we speak life into each other, we hold each other accountable- we don’t mind telling one another, “Listen, you are wrong.”, we can talk to each other about anything without fear of being judged…..and most importantly, we pray for one another. Thanks, Precious Thomas Chapman. 

….even this friendship was divine order. 

I said ALL that (lol) to say this- trust God completely. Don’t put Him on a time schedule and stop trying to help Him. He’s GOD all by Himself. Take your hands off of it. If he has told you to BE STILL, then BE STILL. I know how uncomfortable that can be, especially if you are a person who is used to being in control, but TRUST HIM. He’s working behind the scenes to prepare everything you need and want.

We FINALLY divorced…

On the morning of November 30, 2015, I found myself crying out to God.
“Lord, I want to go deeper in you. I feel stuck at this level. Show me what I need to do to go deeper. I want to get lost in you. My walk has become stale and almost predictable. I feel like I’m operating on expired faith and expired testimonies.”
…and what God spoke to me took me by surprise.
He said, “So, you want to go deeper? I need you to release a part of your past that you’ve found comfort in. You trust Me, but you don’t really, really trust Me.”
“Huh? I do trust You, Lord.”
“You do, but not in its entirety. You cannot manipulate Me.”
“Huh? You have my all and—
He stopped me mid-sentence. 
“Your ex-husband- I need you to release him. Go deeper with Me…as you have asked…as I do a new thing.”
At that time, tears filled my eyes. 
“…but that’s my friend.”
“No, that’s your comfort zone. True, you all are just friends. Physically, you all are divorced but emotionally, you’re still married.”
The tears really started flowing at that point. Here I stood face to face with the truth. True, Deek and I had been separated and divorced for years, but we had still been operating as “husband and wife.” No, not sexually. In fact, we haven’t had sex since we separated, but we were still answering to one another. I was still performing wifely duties as far as using his money to ensure that his bills were paid on time every month. He was still performing husband duties; if I fell in “a tight”, he was there to rescue me. If I was down emotionally, he was there to lift me up. If he had a bad day, I was the one to change that. If we needed a “travel buddy”, we traveled with one another. If I needed to laugh uncontrollably, he had the joke. If he needed a reality check, I gave him a dose of realism.
…and truthfully, we did consider remarrying, but deep down, we knew it would never work. We knew that we were better friends than we could ever be lovers.
So, on the morning of November 30th when God told me to release my friend, it hurt. It hurt because through our divorce we developed a friendship that I wish we had when we were married. 
I called my friend that day, and through tears, shared God’s instructions to me, and he understood. He understood very well- so well that I think God had been tugging on him to do the same. 
So on November 30, 2015, we cut ALL ties. Whew!! One of the most difficult things I ever had to do, but I trust God.
We don’t always understand His instructions…and we do not suppose to. We’re just supposed to obey. Although we didn’t see the harm in our friendship, God thinks differently.  
““My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭55:8‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Every next level of your life will demand a different you. November 30th was that day for me. If God is instructing you to release someone or something, RELEASE!!!!! It may be difficult, but to get to where you haven’t been, you must go where you haven’t gone and do what you haven’t done.
I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds it…and I trust Him.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Here’s to my DEEPER!!!!!