What are you wearing?

Last night, my coworker and I ate at Joe’s. Just as we were about to pay, an older gentlemen walked over to us and asked me, “What color shirt is that you’re wearing?” I looked down at my shirt and responded, “Purple.” Then he pointed at his friend who also had on a purple shirt with the “Q-Dogg” letters and asked, “What are those letters?” So I responded, “Y’all are Q- Dogg’s?” He said, “No, we are Omega men.” There’s a difference. (Catch that) Then, he said, “Just because you are wearing purple, I am going to put this on your bill.”

Weird huh?

Well, not really. I’m going to tell you why in a few.

…and let me just add this, the amount he gave was the difference I had to pay because the rewards I had earned on previous visits had covered the other portion. Hallelujah!!! That alone blessed me as well, but LISTEN!!!!!!….

The encounter with this guy ministered to me in a way like no other. First off, it was unexpected, but this morning as I was reflecting on that situation again, I heard God say, “Because NOW you are wearing what you are SUPPOSED to be wearing (catch that…and I am not talking about clothes either), I AM about to release some unexpected blessings your way.” Hallelujah!!!!!!! Glory to God!!!

Can I be honest? See, until we put on what we are SUPPOSED to be wearing, there are a lot of things God will withhold from us….until we get it right…because Lord knows, in the last months or so, I had put on some STUFF that I know I should not have been wearing…but because God is a merciful and graceful God, He helped me undressed and then redress. See, we cannot keep serving Satan but expecting an overflow from God. It just will not happen. There are some things that you are going to have to cut off and there are some people you are going to have to say “bye bye” to….Yes, it may break your heart but to be in RIGHT STANDING with Jesus makes it all worth it!!!!!

Listen, ya’ll! I pray this blessed you as it blessed me. I do not know about ya’ll, but I want ALL God has for me….and to receive that ALL, we have to be wearing a “specific garment”; we cannot wear just any old thing; we cannot look like the rest. We have to STAND OUT! The ROBE OF RIGHTEOUS is what we have to be wearing! ❤️


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