You have to trust God…with every facet of your life.(It’s a long read, but it’s worth it. I pray it blesses you.) 

I’ve testified on several occasions how I resigned from a job in 2014 without a plan B and with very few dollars in my savings. All I knew was I was unhappy and miserable where I was…and I don’t believe in staying anywhere that robs you of your peace- jobs, relationships, friendships, situationships, associateships,….wherever! You have to protect your peace by any means necessary.

So, I resigned. I was unemployed for almost 4 months. Within those four months, I learned how to trust God like never before. During that time, His specific instructions to me were, “Be still and trust that I am God. I will place you where I want you. I have already gone before you and made the way. In this place, you’ll have the peace you’re longing for.”

After that first month of being unemployed and an almost depleted savings account, I started trying to put God on a time schedule. See, I wanted him to move when I wanted him to move. So, I started trying to help God out. I started applying for jobs and making calls…when He had already told me to “Be still and trust that I am God…”

Because I was applying for jobs and making calls, I received offers. I even accepted one offer as a 7th grade ELA teacher. I worked one day and left…because I knew that’s not where God wanted me.

Almost two months later, being down to almost $20.00, and trusting God completely this time, I received an offer that I had been wanting that had JUST become available. (A employee was “let go” for inappropriate work place behavior.) CATCH THAT! See, when something is for you, God will start “moving” some things and even people around just for you.

…and since I’ve been at this job, it has been a plethora of peace. Yes, there have been challenges, but at the end of each day, the good outweighs the bad, tremendously. When I leave work, I can leave work….and my coworkers understand that we don’t have to be best friends to be coworkers and teammates; we work, we speak, and keep it moving.

I have, however, developed one of the greatest friendships I’ve had since I’ve been at my job. We keep one another balanced- when I’m down, she’s up; when she’s down, I’m up- we speak life into each other, we hold each other accountable- we don’t mind telling one another, “Listen, you are wrong.”, we can talk to each other about anything without fear of being judged…..and most importantly, we pray for one another. Thanks, Precious Thomas Chapman. 

….even this friendship was divine order. 

I said ALL that (lol) to say this- trust God completely. Don’t put Him on a time schedule and stop trying to help Him. He’s GOD all by Himself. Take your hands off of it. If he has told you to BE STILL, then BE STILL. I know how uncomfortable that can be, especially if you are a person who is used to being in control, but TRUST HIM. He’s working behind the scenes to prepare everything you need and want.


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