Another Outbreak???


About a month ago, I was having outbreaks and was going back and forth to the doctor. The doctor couldn’t tell me anything but to “play trial and error” with the foods I was eating and my laundry detergent…and he gave me a steroid shot and ointment and sent me by my merry way.The steroid shot and ointment helped for a little while, but before long, the outbreaks were back. 

So I “played trial and error”….as the doctor suggested….and I finally figured out that I am allergic to nuts….and I love nuts. (Inserts Sad Face) 
Saturday morning, my mom had a bag of Orchard Fresh Praline Pecans. I kept looking at the bag. I wanted some oh so badly, but I couldn’t help but to think about how I’ve been “break out free” since I’ve cut them out my diet.
….but I still wanted them…although I knew they would break me out.
Finally, I gave in. I thought, “I’ll eat just one.” Unfortunately, that one turned into too many.
Today is Tuesday and guess what I have? 
An outbreak!!!! 
Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s dumb. Why would you consume something you know you’re allergic to?” 

Why do we stay in situations that we know aren’t good for us or why do we have an “appetite” for what we don’t need. It seems as if we always want what…. and who we don’t need…and what…and who we need, we don’t want. We can know something is bad for us, but we will still consume it and disregard the consequences that will follow. There were other snacks to choose from, but I “had” to have those nuts…and since I had to “have” them, I’m itchy and miserable. 
Hmmmm- Food for Thought

What..or who are you “allergic” to? 
What…or who is causing an “outbreak” in your life?


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