Testimony- Very Transparent 
Listen, you don’t have look like what your situation is. When you are anchored in the situations and circumstances in your life, you’ll forever be up one day and down the next. Your security and trust have to rest in God and in God only. Your situation and circumstances change constantly; God doesn’t. 
The latter part of November and December have been tough for me financially, but see, my security doesn’t rest in my finances. So my mood never changed. I never asked anybody for anything. Tithes were paid. I wasn’t hungry, and all my bills were either paid or accounted for. So, I was grateful. 
Here is what I prayed- “Lord, I’m not asking You for more money. Just make what I have stretch until my next pay period.”
See, so many times we get in the habit of asking and wanting more that we neglect being grateful for what we already have and being content right where we are.
……and when I prayed that prayer, I released it. It was no longer my battle. 
See, we have to make up our minds. Either we’re going to trust Him or we’re not. We can’t worry and worship at the same time. 
Here is it two days before my pay day, and He stretched it. I should’ve been in the negative two weeks ago….BUT GOD! 
$30.00 may be my account balance, but my FAITH is beyond a million.
Stop putting so much FAITH in temporary things, and stop looking like what you’re going through! If I didn’t tell anybody that I was broke, they definitely wouldn’t have known. I was the same worry-free, carefree Erica that I am when my account has thousands.
…because I TRUST GOD!!!!


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