“Snatched” Huh? 

So many people are walking around looking “snatched” on the outside but are torn up on the inside.
“How do you know, Erica?”
Because I was once that person. I wanted people to think I had it all together, but I was crying myself to sleep every night, struggling with low self-esteem, suffering from depression, and battling with suicidal thoughts. I was in a dark place and I was doing whatever I could to numb the pain and fill the void- drinking, sex, jumping in and out of relationships that weren’t headed anywhere, and spending money I didn’t have. 
….and I only felt worse. So I’d indulge more.

More drinking, more sex, more relationships, and spending more money I didn’t have.

…and I felt even worse. So I’d indulge a little more, a little more, and a little more. 
I remember one night, I was “balled up” in the middle of my floor crying. I told God that if He didn’t take my life, I would. I just wanted the pain to end. I wanted the tears to stop. I wanted to get off the emotional rollercoaster. I just wanted to feel “normal” again.
Then, in the midst of my crying. I heard His voice- “I cant heal what you won’t reveal.”
That day, I stopped pretending. I gave it all to Him- every broken piece…
…and He took those pieces and built a MASTERPIECE. 
Listen! Stop pretending. It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay not to have it all together. It’s okay to cry. It’s perfectly okay. In my brokenness is where I found Jesus. Give him your pieces and let Him move you from pieces to PEACE.

-An excerpt from my book, From Pieces to Peace 
(Last one I’ll share before it’s released.)


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