Dear Granddaddy, 

Dear Granddaddy, 
When I got the call yesterday evening that you probably wouldn’t make it through the night, I immediately dropped to my knees and asked God to borrow just a little more time.

This morning around 4:00, I opened my eyes, and I immediately grabbed my phone- no missed calls or text messages. That confirmed that God had granted that time. I whispered, “Thank you, God.” I quickly showered and was on the road. When I arrived, I immediately walked in your room and found you conscious, eyes opened, and alert. 

As I stood at your bedside nervously, I stared in your eyes, and I saw strength-the same strength I had seen since I was child. At that moment, this unexplainable peace came over me. 

I took a nap…because I couldn’t rest last night not knowing if I would see you alive on this side again. When I awoke, I nervously checked on you once more…you were still conscious, still alert, and eyes still opened…and that same strength was still there.

About two hours later, around 5:10 p.m., my daddy- your son, who had been at your bedside, came and told my mom, my nephew, and me, “I think this is it.”

We rushed to your side, and it was “it.”
You had transitioned. You were gone. 

You had always said, “When it’s your time, you have to go.”
It was your time, so you went. 

It hurts, but we will be strong just as you would want us to be. We won’t concentrate on your death. Instead, we will celebrate your life, live in your memories, and carry on your legacy. 

You fought a good fight, Grandaddy. You fought to the end- the very end. 92 years, God granted us and we’re grateful. 

I love you, and we shall meet again one day! Rest in Peace. ❤️

Love always,
Your granddaughter- Erica



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