It’s just FORMALITY!!

Some years ago, I received a call to work this summer camp. I agreed. This person knew my credentials and qualifications. She had even seen me teach a lesson, so she knew I was a great fit. 
After I agreed, she said, “You have the job. Now, I just need you to come in for an interview with two of the other program coordinators. I asked, “Interview?” She said, “The final decision is mine. The interview is just FORMALITY.”
Truthfully, I had never heard that word until that day and I googled it…and it has “stuck” with me. 

It was the longest and most formal interview ever, but I remembered, “The job is yours. This interview is just FORMALITY.” That kept me answering the series of questions. I’m glad she required me to be interviewed though. During the interview, I had the chance to ask questions as well and to be informed of expectations.  
And to this day, interviews don’t make me nervous because I survived that one. (Catch that.)

That, too, had purpose. 
I shared that to say this- this battle you’re fighting is a fixed fight. The VICTORY IS YOURS. You’ve already won-all the difficulties you’re encountering are a part of the process- IT’S JUST FORMALITY. 
Go through it. That process is crucial. It’s equipping you with the strength, the patience, the endurance, the “thick skin” you need for where He is taking you. See, everything you’re going through has a greater purpose. I know you may not understand it at this moment, but you will later. You’ll be able to look back and say, “Now I understand why I had to go through so much HELL.”




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