Exit 14 

This morning, I was FORCED to take a different exit because of traffic. I had to take exit 14 instead of my usual exit 12- Sycamore View. Immediately I became frustrated because I have been doing so well with getting to work on time, at least for the last two weeks.After taking exit 14, I put my school’s address in the GPS and the arrival time was 7:17 a.m. Then, I became more frustrated. Surely, I was would “catch it” from my building administrators. We are required to be at work at 7:00 a.m. I took a deep breath, and said, “This is beyond my control. I will have a great day in spite of.”

As I continued to drive, the arrival time kept changing; at one point it reached 7:25 a.m. I knew then I had to make that phone call I dreaded- “I’ll be late.” As I dialed the school’s number, the call dropped. I dialed it again, the call dropped again. “Stupid Smartphone”, I thought. Since I upgraded to IOS 9, my phone has been doing some weird things.

Anyway, I thought, “Oh well. I’ll explain when I get there.”

I turned my music volume up and drove. I was determined not to let this affect my day. As I drove, I missed a turn; therefore, the GPS had to REROUTE again. “Jesus!!! Ugh!!”

The arrival time changed again; this time, it went from 7:25 to 6:58- a minute earlier than my initial route- taking exit 12- Glory to God!! Missing that turn was actually to my advantage- (CATCH THAT.)

At that point, I could not do anything but laugh. Here I am in an uproar about NOTHING!

My point? Sometimes, we get bent out of shape and in an uproar about NOTHING. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. What seems random and haphazard is actually for our good. Although sometimes change is forced and it takes us away from our comfort zones and what we’re used to, if we’ll just relax and trust Him, He’ll get us to where we are SUPPOSED to be. See, I was used to Exit 12’s route; therefore, taking another route pulled me of out of a zone that was very familiar to me.

Trust His plans! He knows what’s best and He sees far beyond what we see. Sometimes He has to take us a different way to get us where we should be.


Have an awesome Thursday!!!! 


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