Just Be Beautiful! 

Have you ever had surgery of any kind…that requires the knife? Ouch! Right before you go into that surgery, your doctor has this diagram of a body where he draws and marks all over it. He does this for himself and for the other doctors and nurses who will be in the operating room. This provides a visual of where to cut and how the desired results should look- you know a “from this to that” type picture.
When I wasn’t happy with me, I would do just that. I would stand in the mirror and mentally make a surgery diagram daily. 

I would think if I had smaller breasts, less broader shoulders, a bigger butt, a smaller nose, clearer skin, and smaller teeth….I would just be beautiful. 

Each time my ex-husband would catch me doing this, he would tell me, “You’re beautiful”, but I only rejected the compliment because I didn’t think I was. I would even jump down his throat at times because I felt he was just being funny or he wasn’t being sincere. 

No matter how much others think you’re beautiful, until you do, you’ll never be able to see what they see. 

We’ve allowed the Nicki Minaj-s, the Kim Kardashian-s, and the Love and Hip Hop Altanta “Stars” to define what’s beautiful. We feel that if we don’t have the butts that poke ALL THE WAY OUT, the washboard tummies, and the shiny plump breasts, we feel aren’t beautiful. Don’t be deceived. if you sat in their dressing rooms or in on their doctor appointments, you’d see that trouble they’ve gone through to achieve this “TV look.” 

Transparent moment- I even had a breast reduction that I CLAIMED I needed because of back problems, but it wasn’t. I wanted smaller, shiny plump breasts that sit up and didn’t sag. I was so determined to “fix” me. I was so determined to achieve this “TV look.” I was so determined to just be beautiful….BUT even after the breast reduction, I still complained. I thought my doctor made them too small and I absolutely hate the scars the procedure left behind. After my breast reduction, I started tearing myself apart even more. I then wanted to get butt shots and liposuction in my arms. The only thing that stopped me was the lack of money. Lol 

And I guarantee that even if I would’ve done that, I still would’ve wanted to “fix” something else because being beautiful has nothing to do with what you see and more to do with what you feel and think. 

Being beautiful is a mindset. You know how I know? Because NOW, to me, I’m one of the most beautiful women I know….with the SAME skin discolorations, broad shoulders, flat behind, big nose, and big teeth….and you can’t tell me I’m not  humbly the ish! Ha ha! 

Embrace your beauty! Be your kind of beautiful. Love all of you, even those things you don’t like. Every morning, I awake, I look at myself and say, “Good morning, Beautiful.” ….and you should do the same. Sometimes, the only positive things you’ll hear about you are the things you tell yourself!

As my partner in Christ, Celeste, says, BeYOUTiful!!!! 

Be who you are, who you were designed to be and that itself is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 


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