I Don’t Like People…

Many of those close to me have heard me say a time or two, “I don’t like people.” And I didn’t, at least that’s what I thought. I avoided people by all means and was by myself most of the times, well all the time. I hated crowds. There were only a select few I would want to be around or was willing to be around. 

Now, I realize it was not people I didn’t like. It was me. I didn’t like me. I was so broken, so insecure, had the lowest self-esteem, and was filled with envy, jealous, and hatred. So I avoided people because I thought they would notice and ruin my facade. I thought that they would pick up on those insecurities. I thought they would see pass the pretty clothes, the pretty hair, the pretty face, and the pretty makeup, and see how “ugly” I really was. Yes, I was attractive physically, but on the inside I was the ugliest person I had ever met. 

Just two years ago, I finally learned to love me. I finally started to view myself the way God does. I finally realized that the exterior of a building means nothing when the interior is a “hot mess.” During my dark season that I speak so regularly about, God revealed some things about me that were downright hideous, but He also showed me how to rid those things. God is so able!!!!

Now, I love people because I love me. Now, I’m the most beautiful person I know. I love empowering, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others. I love sharing my story with others because it gives others hope. 

I said all of that to say….How you treat others is a reflection of how you feel about you. If you love you, you love others and treat others with that same love, compassion, and kindness. Yeah, you’re cute/handsome, but how cute or handsome is your heart? If you were turned inside out, how many people would you attract? How many? Think about that.

And one more thing….and this is kind of a side note- Stop judging people based on the physical. Don’t miss out on what God has for you because it isn’t packaged the way you want or what you’re used to. The physical shouldn’t hold so much weight that it distracts you from that person’s heart. Their heart is what you’ll have to live with anyway. 


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