Relationship Goals???

This picture on the top left was taken three years ago with my then husband. We were in New York. The picture on the top right- we were in Miami. The bottom left picture we were on our way to a concert in Dallas, I think. The bottom right picture we were in New Orleans enjoying the night life. Those are only four of the many places we had gone. We were traveling and living the life. So many couples would tell us, “We want to be like ya’ll one day.”

From our pictures we looked pretty happy huh?  

I was…..we were…on pictures though.

We were barely talking, but somehow we always managed to stop and pose for the camera. 

We were sleeping in two separate rooms, but still we posed for the camera. 

In fact, on the top left picture, we had just finished a heated argument that led to verbal and physical abuse…but yep, we stopped and posed for the camera. 

We had to. On each outing, I had to get a picture. I had to finish “painting” my picture for social media, for the world. 

Our energy, mostly mine, was dedicated toward getting people to think we were happy instead of actually being happy. I wanted people to think my marriage was all together, but truthfully it was falling apart. Behind the pictures, we couldn’t even hold a conversation without it leading to a big blowup. Behind the pictures, I was crying myself to sleep every night. Behind the pictures, he was working looooonnnggggg hours to avoid coming home to his nagging wife. A harsh truth I had to face- behind the pictures, our painted picture was the total opposite from the actual picture. 
People, everything isn’t always what it seems.
My point? Singles, stop allowing what you see on social media to become your #relationshipgoals. Couples, spend more “paint” on your actual picture- for that is the one that you will have to view behind closed doors. Do what it takes to be happy instead of wanting others to think you’re happy. 
And this doesn’t apply to just relationships and marriages. 

We scroll social media and browse the Internet. We desire, secretly envy, and are jealous of the lives of others…based on pictures….and truthfully, some of us are desiring, are envious and are jealous of lifestyles that don’t even exist. 

Stop comparing your life to others. Be grateful for you what you have, even if it’s not all you want it to be right now.
Focus on you and keep praying! The life that God desires you to live will manifest in due time.


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