Where is my order??

If you’ll tune your ears to hear God’s voice, He’ll speak to you through the simplest things and situations. Now this was just a simple Sonic trip, but the Holy Spirit dropped a powerful message.
I pray this speaks to someone. 
I was on an hour long call encouraging a friend who has been going through some trying times. While we were on the phone, she stopped at Sonic’s and after she placed her order, we continued our conversations. After about 15 minutes, she interrupted me. “Girl, these folks haven’t brought my order yet.”
I said, “Be patient. They’re coming. They are probably very busy.” 
So we continued talking and another 10 minutes passed. She, then, pressed the button again and told them that she had been waiting for at least 25 minutes and haven’t received her order.

I could sense the frustration in her voice. So I’m telling her to keep calm. 
They apologized and assured her that her order would be out.
We continued talking and after about 5 minutes, she said several cars that had come after her had gotten their orders and have gone. 
I kept saying, “Be patient. They’re coming.” 

(I’m the nicest and most patient with anyone who prepares my food. I just didn’t want her to keep pressing that button and then get a surprise in her Sprite. Lol)
So, 5 more minutes passed- No Order.

She pressed the button again and explain what happened, told them how long she had been waiting, and she needed her order.
They apologized and assured her that they would be out. She’s really upset at this point and I’m trying my best to keep her calm.

I’m saying, “Be patient.”

After about a minute, the manager brings her order, apologizes, explains, and tells her she doesn’t have to pay.
See, waiting worked out in her favor. Yeah she had to WAIT for a little but it was worth it in the END. (Catch that.)
The Holy Spirt spoke.
We’ve been praying and putting in requests to God. Because those things we’re praying for haven’t come, we’ve become frustrated, upset, irritable, and ready to throw in the towel. 

Then we make ourselves even more frustrated when we focus on the harvest of others. We see others getting their “orders” and assume God has forgotten about us…BUT we don’t know how long they have been praying. We see their glory, but we don’t know their story. We see their victory but we don’t know what battles they’ve had to fight.

Be patient. Your “order” is coming, not in your timing but in His! 
Just keep praying! Keep living according to His word! Be patient..and remain Hopeful! He has not forgotten about you. Yeah you’ve been waiting a while, but The end result will work out in your FAVOR!!!


One thought on “Where is my order??

  1. Thank you so much for this. I needed to hear this. I have been praying and I get frustrated why do I have to wait so long. Thanks for the reminder that God has not forgotten about me. God bless


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