A Trip Back…..

I just had a moment. I was sitting on the floor in the middle of my living room preparing to get my hour of exercise in. All of a sudden I was taken back to August, to my apartment in Greenville, J175. I’ll never forget J175- I developed a genuine relationship with Jesus there. Anyway, I was sitting in the middle of my floor then too. Same position. I wasn’t preparing to workout though. I had a face full of tears, a stack of bills in front of me, I was jobless because I had just resigned, and had just checked my bank account and found that the district I resigned from took over half of my last check. 

I was depressed, stressed, oppressed, worried, lonely- just a complete mess! I had been applying for jobs. The “right” ones weren’t calling. I was out of options. On that floor, I curled up in the fetal position, cried, and rocked myself.

In the midst of me crying, this sense of peace came over me that I can’t quite explain. Immediately, I jumped up, went to my prayer closet, took those bills and worries and released each one to Him- individually- and I’ll never forget I called each one by name. 

Rent, I release you. 

Job Security, I release you.

Entergy, I release you.

Sudden Link, I release you.

Family and friend betrayal, I release you.

Negative thinking, I release you. 

Fear, I release you.

Doubt, I release you.

I went down my list until I released each one. 

Here it is, June 19, 2015, I have this PEACE that I can’t quite put into words, I haven’t missed a bill or meal and still get to do some of the things I enjoy, I have a job that came with a salary increase and a PEACEFUL working environment, and have finally gotten to the point where I can start saving again.

Glory to God!!!!!

See, too often we allow what we see in the natural to make us doubt God’s promises. He’s with us even when it feels like He has forgotten about us. Release those things and people who are robbing you of your peace, joy, and sanity. 

This morning, instead of crying in that fetal position, I’m on my knees praising Him. He turned my pity into praise! He turned my worries into worship, and He took that mess I made and has made it my message. 

Trust Him!!! I don’t care what it looks like!!!!! My God is able to do the impossible!!!!!

This is for somebody. He didn’t take me back to that “moment” just because. Whoever that person is, I challenge you to release IT and trust Him!!!!


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