Now, I’m not in any way bashing my ex-husband at all, so please do not gather that assumption. He’s a great man, and I have no doubt that he will be a great husband if he decides to marry again. I wasn’t the best wife, and he wasn’t the best husband. We didn’t understand what a wife and husband were then, and we couldn’t love and give of ourselves because for one, we did not have God’s permission to marry in the first place. Then, we were so broken and had not fully healed from past relationships, things that had happened in our childhood, and we were trying our best to show and give each other something we did not have to give- LOVE. See, before you can love anyone, you have to love yourself. 
When I decided to leave my husband and move after being instructed to and fighting against it for a whole year and hoping God would change his mind, I went through the toughest and darkest season of my life. Not only was a divorce standing before me, but everything that could possibly go left, did. I lost friendships, things on my job were not going well, family members who I thought should’ve been there were not, my finances were terrible, and debt was growing- everything went wrong.

I literally cried myself to sleep every night. I tossed and turned every night. It had gotten to the point where I would be crying on the inside, but tears weren’t falling. I had become so numb to the pain. Then I started turning to things to feel the void- sex, meaningless relationships, alcohol, shopping, excessive traveling, etc. I was trying to escape the pain by any means necessary. Then what was all the more agonizing was the fact that I had, well at least I thought I had, to get up each day and face the world like everything was okay. I was the youngest of my parents’ children and had two older brothers, and they indirectly taught me to show no emotions and to be tough. So I dared not to let the “world” know I was going through.

….but it does not have to be that way. You don’t have to suffer in silence and suffer as long as I did. 

One night in that quiet, dark apartment, I was doing my usual- drowning in pity, crying, and sobbing. Then, I heard God say, “Let it ALL go and trust me.”

…and I did. I was desperate for a change. Now, let me say this. It was difficult. It wasn’t an easy letting go, but I trusted God. I trusted that He had a plan for my life.

In letting go, God took me into this period of isolation, dryness, and darkness. He broke me even more than I already was. He ridded and stripped me of everything and everyone even more because He needed my full attention. At that time, I thought He was punishing me and could not in no way see how all of this loneliness, struggling, and suffering were working together for my good, but later I realized that I was being prepared for the best days of my life. 
During this dark season, the enemy told me all kinds of lies. He told me I’d never get through it. He told me to go back to my husband and settle because I wasn’t worthy, and no man will ever love me the way I deserve….and I won’t lie, I believed those lies. In fact, I did go back to my husband once or twice, but each time God showed us why we would never work.


On today, May 19, 2015 , I want to testify that God heals!!! God restores!!!! Everything I lost during that season of my life, God has given back… plus more. This peace that I have now makes everything I had to endure worth it. I love Erica for who she is and sees myself the way God sees me. I have overcome the insecurity, the depression, and the low self-esteem. No longer do I have to “dress up” and pretend like I am happy. I have a job in my career that does not rob me of my joy and peace. My finances are growing. I’m in tears while I’m writing this because God is simply amazing. Everything did work for my good- even those trying times. 

I said all of that to say this- GO THROUGH IT. ALLOW GOD TO BREAK YOU! ALLOW GOD TO STRIP YOU OF IT ALL! It may feel like it is punishment, but it is preparation. The brokenness, the crying, the lack, the suffering, and the loneliness are preparing you for the best days of your life. 


One thought on “RESTORATION 

  1. Erica, thank you for sharing your story because I’m going through my break down moments now. I believe and trust God will bring me out of this. I lost both my parents and my husband in less then a year although I chose to leave my husband it was the hardest decision. My dad pass away suddenly first, then my mother almost six months later. A piece of me left with them and I felt like I was suffocating in my marriage. After reading your story, I believe that we forced a marriage that was not of God. I too went through a lot of acts that was not of God, sever depression, hiding my emotions. Started losing my friends because I ask God to reveal them to me. Although it hurt, he revealed my true friends so I let the fake ones go. Job issues etc…. So again I’m going through my break down moments and I believe God has a plan for me.i still go through trials but My Faith is getting stronger. I know my break through is near and closer then I think because of God’s plans for me. I’m over joyed that you have broken through it all in victory. I ask that you pray for my victory. Again thank you and God bless.

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