That’s DEAD!!!!!!!

Oh my my! 

When I came out of meditation and prayer this morning, I prepared to get my day started. I took care of personal things and walked in the kitchen to water my flowers….as I’ve been doing since Friday when I received them. I noticed that some of them were dying. It puzzled my mind for a minute since I had just received them on Friday.  I know I’ve been watering them daily and I’ve been keeping them in a cool place as instructed. Then I thought, maybe the flower shop had had them for a while. I  continued. Anyway, I moved them from one end of the counter to the next and put just a little more water in the vase than usual.
When I finished watering them, changing the position, and picking out the dead ones, a word dropped in my spirit! 
“Stop watering things that are dead.”


How many of you are watering dead situations in your life? It could be a job, a relationship, friendship, or it could be a dream or vision that you thought God gave you but deep down you know that it’s not from God?
And check this- just as I have been taking care of those flowers extra carefully, you’ve been doing the same thing with that job, relationship, or “vision.” You’re putting in the work, but it doesn’t seem to be coming to life. You’re watering them with your conversations, time, effort, & finances, but it still won’t grow. No matter how much you do, it is still dying! 
Speak, Holy Spirit!!!!!
Stop trying to resuscitate those things that are dead. Those things that are not headed anywhere! Those things that drain all your time, energy, and finances! Those things that you know aren’t for you!! Those things that are causing you to deviate from the path that God has chosen for you!!!!
You’ve prayed about it. God has spoken and given you an answer. but it’s just not the answer you’re looking for. You may say, “Well, I’ve put in too much time.” Trust me- I understand. My ex-husband and I watered a dead situation for four years. When I prayed about our marriage, I didn’t want to accept that it was over so I “stuck” around another year hoping God would change His mind.
Newsflash- God isn’t like man! He’s not indecisive. If He has told you to release it, release it. He won’t change it. His plans and decisions are carefully thought out! Just like those flowers- it may have been beautiful and growing at one point, but it’s “dead” now! 


Be obedient in what God is asking you to do! The longer you put off doing what God has told you to do, it prolongs God’s plans for your life. See, I stayed around a whole year trying to bring life to what God had already killed and prolonged Him moving freely. He can’t do what He wants to do IN your life when you are disregarding His requests and doing what you want to do WITH your life!  Release it! On the other side of obedience is a harvest of blessings!!!!! 
Note: Am I saying God does not have the power to revive and restore some situations? Absolutely not. He’ll do just that when it’s for you…..but we know when things aren’t for us. We may not want to accept it all the time, but we know. 

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