I’m very transparent, not because I want to but because I believe my life is not my own and God allows us to go through things to minister and be a blessing to others. 

Somebody needs this!!

Here goes…

After prayer and meditation yesterday morning, I made a mental TO-DO list of things I needed to get accomplished at work.

Shortly after arriving at work, I was told that I had to administer a “mock test ” because we had a shortage of TAs (Test Administrators) and proctors.

I fought it initially because my mind was fixed on my TO-DO list. 

“I’ve got this, that, and some more things to get finished. Isn’t there someone else?”

“Ms. Boyd, no. We really need your assistance.”

The boss spoke, so of course I obliged.

I’ll admit. I didn’t want to, and I wasn’t happy at all. Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to. I just thought that if I’m in a testing site all morning, I wouldn’t meet any of the deadlines.

Anyway, I picked up my testing material and waited on the announcement to report to the testing site….with an attitude. (Lol)

While in the testing site, I walked around and monitored my students while trying to get my mind off my To-Do List.  

I was supposed to send an email by 11:30 to give my “Yes or No” to an opportunity that was presented to me two months ago- which was also a part of my TO-DO List as well. I had been praying about it and praying about it. So, I was ready to give my “Yes.”

So, that was also weighing heavenly on my mind because I don’t want to deviate from the path of His choosing. I want to ensure that the decision I made whether it was YES or NO was apart of His plan and will. 

So as I  walked around this almost unbearably quiet room monitoring the students while they tested. 

I was drawn to this sign on that said “Be”. That’s all it said. I don’t know if it had something else with it at one point and has fallen down, but it only had “BE.” So I pondered on that “BE” for a moment. Psalms 46:10 came to mind, “BE still and know that I am God.” I asked silently, “Lord, are you trying to tell me something?”

I kept monitoring and soon after the students finished, I checked my phone and had a text with a link from a friend who knew nothing about the opportunity that was presented two months ago. I clicked on the link and the title of the article was, “Waiting on The Lord to move.” Then as I read, the content of the article spoke DIRECTLY to my situation. 

I started shouting!!! One of my colleagues looked at me and asked what? I said, “Oh nothing.” Lol

See, I don’t believe anything happens by chance. Me being asked to administer that test yesterday morning was not a coincidence. God knew I would be so “wrapped up” in my TO-DO list that I would not hear Him speak. 

He knew I need that “quietness” to hear His voice.  He knew I was about to send that YES to that opportunity and deviate from His path! 

God will wreck our plans when He sees our plans are about to wreck our lives!  See, administering a test was not apart of my plans yesterday. My TO-DO LIST was. Those were wrecked first thing yesterday morning! 

Then let me add, although I had to test the first part of the morning, I was finished with my TO-DO LIST by 2:00 p.m. Glory!!!! 

So, be still….for a moment! You can’t hear God’s voice entangled in busyness! He may be telling you to go, but my answer yesterday was, “WAIT!” Whatever your answer is, you want to make sure you hear His voice!

Two of the worst things are- 1. MOVING WHEN GOD SAYS STAY…and 2. STAYING  WHEN GOD SAYS GO! 

I learned two things from that situation yesterday morning. 

1. Go with the flow. The very things we fight could determine the course of our lives.

2…and never say No to your boss when He asks you to do something. His attitude hasn’t been the same since! Lol


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