It’s Burning…

Lately, a companion/husband and children have been pressing issues for me, which I’ve shared in one of my previous blog posts. This morning as I started to pray, I opened my prayers thanking God as I always do. Then, I begin to pray for my husband and children who are on the way… I always do as well, but this morning though, I found myself questioning God’s timing. My exact words were, “God, I’m getting impatient and frustrated. I’m waiting and I trust You, but…”

God didn’t even allow me to finish that sentence. He took me to a conversation I had with a friend some months ago.
I asked, “Why do farmers set the fields to a fire?”

He explained. “Some crops leave behind stalks and roots that do not rot very fast. So they burn them to prevent them from being mixed in the soil when they plant a DIFFERENT crop. That also prevents things like corn from a PREVIOUS crop from growing in the MIDST of a NEW and DIFFERENT crop. 

So then I asked, “So, basically out with the old and in with the new?”

He said, “Yep.”
By taking me to that conversation, God spoke to me so vividly.
“Be patient, My Child. Similarly to that field you inquired about some months ago , past relationships and situations have left “stalks” and “roots” that I’m BURNING to prevent them from being mixed and regrowing with the NEW crop I’m going to replant.  
I’m going to do everything I promised, but I’m not finished with you yet. I’m ridding all the debris and clutter. There are some  things that are deeply rooted that I’ve got to uproot that can be harmful to a husband and children. You may not be physically acting on these things anymore but you’re still there mentally and emotionally. Trust the process.”
So, I say to the rest of you who may be in the “waiting room” of life, and you feel like your name isn’t getting called fast enough to TRUST THE PROCESS. I know it’s difficult when you see everybody else around you getting “called to the back”, but you don’t know how long God has been “BURNING” their field. You see their glory, but you don’t know their story. You see their breakthrough,  but you don’t know their “been-through.”
Trust God’s timing!!!! There isn’t anything worst than receiving something before you’re ready. What if you were given a car and forced to drive before you knew how? Surely you’d hurt yourself as well as others.  


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