Get on His Nerves

I remember when I first started teaching and this student was two points from an A. Three nights before Parent’s Night, she came to my classroom and told me that her parents don’t approve of anything less than an A. I told her that, that should encourage her to put forth the effort and study so that she can complete “A work.”
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Please, Ms. Boyd.”
I responded, “Try harder next nine weeks.”

She left with tears streaming down her face. 😢

It may appear that I’m heartless and don’t have compassion for others. However, that’s not the case. I have the softest heart, but I was a first year teacher and I was determined to make a name for myself as that teacher who “DOES NOT PLAY.”

For the next two days, that student begged, wrote letters, and requested makeup work to earn those two points. I brushed her off and ignored her.
The afternoon right before Parent’s Night, she came to me one last time with a well- written essay on why she deserved those 2 points.

You guessed it.
I gave in!!!!
Not because of the essay (she was a great writer anyway so that essay took no effort for her), but because at that point, she had gotten on my nerves , and I had other things to finish before Parent’s Night. Her persistence also played a major role in my giving in.

(And honestly, she was an A student. She just didn’t do well on the exam, so I had not given her anything she had not earned.)

Now that I look back, my student reminds me of the widow in Luke 18:1-8.

In Luke 18:1-8, a widow wanted justice in a dispute with an enemy. She kept whining to the judge about justice from sun up to sun down. Initially, he ignored her. Eventually, the judge gave in not so much because she deserved justice but because of her persistence and she kept asking even after being ignored. He made it clear that he had no compassion for others and He did not fear God.
So, I assume she got on his nerves like my student got on mine.

That’s how God wants us to be in prayer. Get on God’s nerves like the widow did the judge and my student did me. Be persistent!!!!! Don’t give up even when you feel you are being brushed off or ignored! When you know your purpose, you don’t let circumstances or internal conflicts hinder you!

I dare you to keep praying and keep asking……even if it seems like nothing is changing! At just the right time, God will come through!

(Pray Until Something Happens)



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