So, this is the end? Okay.

In the past, I’ve had trouble accepting when relationships…of any kind….ended in my life. Now, I accept it as God’s will and move on…

For about a week I had been trying to use my microwave, it’ll work for two seconds, power off, and then “throw the breaker”; thus, affecting the power in my kitchen, living, dining, and hall areas. Within that week, I tried it countless times. I even moved the microwave to try it in different sockets, same results- I unplug it from the power socket, plug it back in the power socket, press start, after 2 seconds, powers off, “throws breaker” and I’d reset the breaker and try it all over again, hoping that it will eventually work. Simply because I didn’t want to purchase another microwave.
….and truth be told, I saw it coming. I saw the signs about two months ago but totally ignored them.

Before I got out of bed this morning, my mind was drawn to that “powerless” microwave sitting on my kitchen counter.

The Holy Spirit spoke.

We go about life in the same manner. When something has run its course or when God has told us to release something, or maybe that something shouldn’t have ever been in our lives to begin with, but we keep trying to make it fit….by any means necessary, simply because our focus is too fixed on our plan for our lives and disregarding His plan.

When something is not a part of God’s plan for us, face it- it’s not going to work. We can try it a million different ways, on different days. We can tweak it, ignore that it’s not working, or pretend that it does, but the obvious can be ignored only for so long.
And because we hold on to those things after He has told us to release them, it starts negatively affecting other areas of our lives.

Just like my microwave….
Because I didn’t want to accept that, that was the end, I gave what wasn’t working the power to affect what was working, like the “power” in my living area, dining area, and hall area. (Somebody missed that. Catch it!)

Let’s get personal for a minute. My marriage, for example, was that “microwave” in my life for four years. We tried it so many different ways, but because it wasn’t God ordained from the beginning, it was destined for failure. (It’s the truth. Although it took us a while, we’ve accepted it.) Regardless of how uncomfortable it was, we found comfort in it because we didn’t want to start over.

How many of you all are in places where you have found comfort in uncomfortable situations? You hold on because you fear the “what ifs” that come along with starting over.

God is not going to help you along a road that He has not chosen for you. #FACT

You hear Him speaking. What is it in your life that has run its course? What is He telling you to release?

Obey Him! There’s a harvest of blessings on the other side of obedience!!!



5 thoughts on “So, this is the end? Okay.

  1. Young Lady, Young Lady!!! You are Far wise beyond your years!!! You have me in Awe! God has Blessed you with Wisdom and Favor. Your future is as bright as the sun! I’m enjoying reading your blog sooooo much. You’re teaching this ole cougar a thing or two!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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