How many of you all watch the weather channel every morning or night to prepare for the day ahead? If rain is predicted, you prepare to leave home a little earlier and pull out the rain gear. If a sunny day is predicted, you put that big coat away and grab that small jacket. If sleet or snow is predicted, you avoid areas where it may stick and you search for the safest route to work….and although the meteorologist’s predictions aren’t always accurate, we still do these things because we want to be prepared….just in case. Think about this- How many times have you put an umbrella in your bag or purse, but it never rained?

So why do we not prepare for life in the same manner? It seems that we’ve only prepared for the “sunny days.” As long as everything is going the way we think it should, we’re good. As long as our finances are up-to-par, we’re happy. As long as our children are making good grades and doing everything we ask and expect of them, we’re at peace. As long as our spouses/mates are doing all the things to keep us happy, we’re on top of the world. As long as we’re receiving all the things we are praying for, we can go on.
But what happens when these things take a turn? What do you do when money is running a little low? What do you do when your child’s teacher calls about constant misbehavior? What do you do when you just can’t get through to your spouse/mate? What do you do when you’re praying but aren’t seeing immediate results?
All throughout the Bible, rainy and stormy days are predicted, yet we still don’t prepare. His word says (not verbatim) the good and bad will suffer. No one is that includes me, you, believers, non-believers, EVERYONE!
(Matthew 5:45…..For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.)
So why do we fail to prepare for these times? Where is our “rain gear” for the rainy days?
I encourage you to get in The Word and develop an intimate relationship with God so that you may be able to stand during tough times. Ask Him for strength to weather the storms of life….because they are coming!
During those rainy seasons, He is the same God who was there with you during the sunny seasons. He doesn’t change!!!!

He never said weapons wouldn’t form! He just promised that they wouldn’t prosper!!

Now, get your “gear” so that you can be spiritually prepared for whatever life brings…..whether it’s sunny days, cloudy skies, or rainy days! He desires us to be content through it all. 🙂



5 thoughts on “PREPARATION

  1. “He never said weapons wouldn’t form! He just promised that they wouldn’t prosper!!” — Note Worthy !!!

    I Love This ! — The most interesting FACT about this post is that within its own words there is a form of “preparation” from God.. Someone is going to read this and decide that “now is the time to prepare.” Messenger, we thank God for His daily dosage of Himself thru you!!! KEEP GOING ! The world is your platform and the people are “prepared” to listen..

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  2. Thank you Erica, I am enjoying your blog!!! It is so encouraging to see our generation seeking intimate relationships with the Father, because He has conquered the world for us and through him we have peace, all we have to do is give ourselves to Him. I am a work in progress, and my progression shall prevail. Pray for me as I pray for you!!

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