Stepping Out on FAITH

Are you believing God for something but you’ve given up on it or you’re afraid to pursue it because it seems impossible?

Have you ever read the story of Abraham and Sarah? If not, here’s a quick summary.

~Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have a child. It was obvious that they had been trying and had failed. They even decided they were going to “help God out” when Sarah agreed to allow Abraham to father a child (Ishamel) by their housemaid; however, this wasn’t God’s plan for them.
God came to Abraham and told him that He would bless him and his wife with a child, IF he followed his instructions. Abraham nor his wife couldn’t see this coming to pass because Sarah was very well past the childbearing age. They even laughed at God when He spoke this. BUT…..although Abraham couldn’t see it, Abraham obeyed God’s instructions to leave everything behind and STEPPED OUT ON FAITH. As he did, Genesis 21:1-2 tells us that The LORD kept his word and did for Sarah and Abraham what he promised. She became pregnant, and she gave birth to a son by Abraham and it happened at JUST AT THE TIME God had said it would. ~

Don’t give up on the desires of your heart…even when they seem impossible or “too big” to you. Don’t make the mistake that Sarah and Abraham did by trying to “help God out” and by settling for the generic brand (Ishmael) of a blessing.
If God has planted a desire within you or has given you a vision, believe that He is going to do just what HE said HE would…. IN HIS TIMING!!!! WHERE GOD GUIDES, HE PROVIDES!
…BUT there are some things HE’s telling you to do too. Be like Abraham- STEP OUT ON FAITH!!! Abraham couldn’t see it either, didn’t quite understand God’s instructions; in fact, he thought the instructions were crazy and didn’t make sense, BUT he obeyed….and because he was obedient, God delivered!!!!

There’s a harvest of blessings waiting for you on the other side of obedience!!!!! Go ahead!!!!!!!! Step OUT!!!!



2 thoughts on “Stepping Out on FAITH

  1. This hit close to home for me because I started to give up on having children , but learned in God’s time, not ours, will we get what He has promised! Now we’re expecting our first child next year!


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