Look around. How long have you been in that place? No, not the physical place but that mental and emotional place you’re in. You feel broken, you’re still wrestling with those same toxic thoughts, you’re comfortable but you’re not happy, you want change but you’re afraid of what lies ahead, you hear God speaking to you but you keep putting off what you know He’s telling you to do, you’re still battling with those same insecurities, and so on….
So, my question is…..how long will you stay there?
See, the enemy likes to play mind games. He likes to attack our thoughts because he feels that once he has your mind, he can control your life!
And that was me…
Unconsciously, I gave the enemy permission to control my life. I was so broken and vulnerable at one point and I bought into and believed all of the lies he tells. I believed I wasn’t good enough for anything or anybody, I believed I couldn’t rise above sin and those strongholds that haunted me for so long, I believed I wasn’t pretty enough, I believe I had to settle, and I even believed that I deserved to be mistreated….because he likes to keep us in bondage, he likes to keep us in a state of depression and oppression, and most of all, he likes to keep us from receiving God’s very best.
And as a result of believing and buying into those lies, I did his work. I had become a bondservant to sin. I got drunk almost every night, I engaged in premarital sex, I did and said evil things to people…..because I thought these things would, in turn, make me feel good about myself…..and oh boy, that was a lie. True, it felt good for the moment but it didn’t last and then when I wanted to feel good again, I indulged in a deeper level of sin- more alcohol, more sex, more evil doings….and that’s how he gets us. He starts us off with a little and then a little more and then a little more until he has us where he wants us….and before I knew it sin had wrecked every area of my life- my relationships, my finances, my career, my integrity, my character, and so forth…
But there’s good news, God was right there waiting for me and accepted me just as I was. I was broken spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I was a complete mess.

At the moment I realized I didn’t have to stay in that mess and where I was, I served Satan my resignation letter. I resigned from those lies he had told me and those toxic thoughts, and I started seeing myself the way God sees me. I refused to be controlled by him any longer! I took back everything he had stolen from me.

I don’t care what you’ve done, God is able, and He’ll accept you as is and work a miracle! Don’t believe the lies the enemy has told you. There’s nothing too difficult or too big for God. If He changed me, He can change anyone!!!

Put in your resignation letter today and refuse to go back!!!!!! Accept the position that God has for you! It has a greater “pay”, a peace of mind, unshakeable JOY, and limitless benefits!




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