Something has been placed on my heart to share. Someone, somewhere needs to hear this. Someone, somewhere has given something all that he/she has and still not seeing the results he/she desires. If that someone is you, then read on….
Fall semester of 2008, I had taken Praxis II about three or four times. I kept missing it by two points, three points, then one point. I was a senior at DSU with a 3.2 GPA and I couldn’t student- teach without passing it. I had become discouraged and wanted to change my major to Interdisciplinary Studies. Here I am with a 3.2 GPA and couldn’t seem to pass a test that seemed like a piece of cake to some of my classmates who had struggled throughout the program. I considered giving up on graduating from DSU…In fact, I considered giving up on graduating from college period.
Without having knowledge of it, one of my friends registered me to take the exam again. The only available slot was in Arkansas. I thought…He must be crazy thinking I’m going to drive to Arkansas and fail this test….AGAIN! I told him he had waste his money and that I wasn’t driving to Arkansas. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD! We argued, he gave me the registration confirmation, and his final words were, “It’s up to you.” As the test day approached, everything started going wrong. My mom was on me about something I had done as usual, my advisor called me in and suggested putting off graduation for a semester, my car was making an awful noise, I was going through a terrible break-up…everything was going wrong! The morning of the test, I remember making that two and a half hour drive ALONE crying the ENTIRE WAY. The person who was supposed to have gone with me backed out at the last minute. I arrived a little before 8:00. I prayed, went in and gave it my ALL…again. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting anything different. About three weeks had passed and my advisor called me to her office. I was like, “Oh Lord, what now???” She told me I would have to call and get my scores by phone because the paper scores wouldn’t arrive in time and that I would have to call on speaker phone in her office so that she could confirm it to the program coordinator. I let out a deep sigh. As we dialed the number, the look on both of our faces said what we were thinking. We weren’t expecting any different than what we had heard the other three or four times. When I entered all the necessary information, all I remember hearing was “PASSED.” I cried, screamed, and I cried and screamed some more.
I said all that to say this…Don’t be discouraged and don’t quit. The darkest hour is right before dawn, and it’s often the last key in the bunch that unlocks the door. Ask a mother who has given birth; the pains get extreme RIGHT BEFORE the baby comes out. Don’t abort your goals or allow your vision to die!!!! Keep pushing!!!! Success is impossible without failing, and in some cases a couple of times…BUT that’s okay!!!!!! KEEP GOING…KEEP PUSHING !!!!!! DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP!!! IT GETS GREATER LATER!!!!!!



11 thoughts on “I ALMOST ABORTED MY BABY…

  1. This is an inspiring read. At times one may feel defeated by man made systems that are in place to stall your process., such as electronic or paper test. At the end of the day, what is for you will be for you and no test will stand in the way of your destiny. Thanks for sharing your story.



  2. I know the feeling of failing the exam numerous of times, but GOD! This is a must read for ALL, and extremely encouraging. Way to go Boyd, you’re going to help many individuals with this blog starting with me as I register for this Special Education Test for the first time. I’ve put it off because of Previous failures but now it’s on! Lol, thanks again! 🙌❤

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  3. This spoke to me simply because I was in the same situation. A senior at DSU and couldn’t pass my Praxis II; meaning I could risk not student teaching or graduating. I was miserable. The fourth try, I passed, and I am student teaching next semester. Now reading your history, I know I can do it…great inspiration!

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