Oh boy, I’ve been here. At 26, I had accomplished every goal I had set for myself four years before that. I had married, I had a Master’s degree and was 6 hours away from an Educational Specialist, had saved a great deal of money, had nice cars, in the process of purchasing a home and trying to have my first child with my then husband, and had traveled a great deal but still felt empty. My friends would ask, “How do you feel empty when you have everything you want?” See, I was busy chasing this plan I had for my life, not God’s plan, and had placed God in an “emergency only” box. I only prayed when I needed something or when I hit a rough patch. It took me accomplishing everything to later realize that I really hadn’t accomplish anything- I didn’t have a sincere relationship with God! I am a living witness that true happiness is not found in your possessions. Here I am two years later at 28, I don’t have half of what I had then, but I’m content! I’m at PEACE! See, you can have the world, but if God doesn’t come first, you don’t have anything, not of value anyway! Have you ever looked at a person without much as far as possessions and wondered how that person can be so happy? 
Chase God! Keep Him first! Let your security rest in Him, not in what or who you have. Don’t idolize! Let developing a sincere relationship with Him come first and He’ll take care of the rest! ❤️



7 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU CHASING?

  1. I love your post. It is so true and I have been there. I had my plans for my life but God had other plans. Keep being an inspiration. Others will be truly blessed by your words!

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